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 The Many Morbid Tales of Spookinite Valley

Est. 2012

Numerous Ghoulish Stories Await the Living, Here in This Dark Place

~Welcome to Spookinite Valley~

Some secrets shall always rest unseen in the darkness—far from the eyes of any curious mortal.  Indeed, Spookinite Valley is the shadow in which such secrets are obscured.  And without doubt, the Valley’s inhabitants are far from benevolent.  For only between the desolate, gloomy mountains, inhospitable nightstalkers, violent ghouls, wrathful phantoms, and their tales of unutterable horrors lie in wait.  Even the most dauntless of souls who dare venture into its depths will come to the inescapable realization that The Dark Sickness lives freely within the hearts of all.  And once this knowledge is obtained, the trespasser will become sullied with the aforementioned morbidity of the heart.  Within this purgatory, you will unearth many bloodcurdling tales, foreboding poems, and unpleasant lore containing many secrets and a forlorn history.  But heed my warning: you may not wish to leave once you have commenced your investigation into the depths of this vale.  Of course, you are always permitted to flee, but many past visitors could not relinquish their curiosity—and as a grave consequence, they were imprisoned between the mountains.  Some willingly joined the unhallowed denizens whilst those who retained their sanity were subjected to unnamable dreads.  The decision is yours to make.  Leave now or risk everything by delving farther into the revelations that await the living in unrestful silence.

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