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Written and Illustrated by Benjamin Fouché


Who knew such a well-mannered man could hold the competence to carry forth his grimmest yearnings. Mansfield is to be feared by all; indeed, he is a figure of nightmare and darkness––one traveling through the melancholy Spookinite Valley should avoid him at every cost. For he can become quite unrelenting when he discovers his prey. First appearing in the story entitled, “The Old Haunted Inn”, Mansfield can be observed as a peculiar individual, to say the least. He even once said himself, “I am a very aberrant man with many aberrant conditions.” In addition, Mansfield is the main antagonist in the story entitled, “Wary Perceptions”. The history of what he has done is unspeakable, but one can find the remains of his victims hidden within the depths of The Inn.



A lone and desolate soul, Chester is an exceedingly cryptic and reclusive individual. He is rather fond of the dark, and usually hides in vacant rooms of The Inn, lying in wait for curious visitors. Although Chester is more reserved than Mansfield, he is equally as grievous. Whereas Mansfield enjoys taking time in hunting guests, Chester’s malevolent undertakings are usually executed swiftly. Unfortunately, there is never truly a way to avoid coming into contact with this ill-minded fiend––for he always remains imperceptible. Furthermore, Chester is a very close follower of The Master and always listens––sometimes making him even more unpredictable than other characters. First appearing in the story, “The Old Haunted Inn”, one may observe how frightening he truly can be––especially considering his imposing height. Chester is an additional antagonist in “Wary Perceptions” and also makes a brief appearance in the story, “The Spookinite House”. While deeper information on this character is scarce, he is to be avoided by all.


~The Coffin Keeper~

A mysterious man, with a mysterious past. His real name is unknown, but most who have survived crossing the path of this ghoulish entity usually refer to him as “The Coffin Keeper”. While first appearing in the story, “The Spookinite House” as a side antagonist, he serves as the main protagonist in “The Winston Manor Mortuary”. Once an old mortician, his life was rather morose and morbid. However, after the evening whence something dark hung over his mortuary, he was haunted unto eternal insanity. Now living in the valley’s brooding mansion, The Spookinite House, The Coffin Keeper practices his gruesome crafting within the darkest rooms of the house’s interior. Although it was many years ago that he had abandoned his mortuary, his occupation with the dead had never actually ceased. Quite often, one might find him in the old cemeteries and graveyards of New England, unearthing graves and stealing corpses. Moreover, The Coffin Keeper will abduct travelers and place them in coffins, so he can thus prematurely bury them.


~The Master~

Perhaps he is the essence of all darkness; The Master is a fearless wraith. Being the lord of Spookinite Valley, he oversees every ghastly occurrence that transpires throughout the shadowed vale. He first made his appearance in the story entitled, “The Old Haunted Inn” as the leader of both Mansfield and Chester. He also appears in The Old Haunted Inn’s proceeding stories, as well as a narrative entitled, “My Heartless Heart”, where he recites his ominous ways in a poetic expression. The Master may also be observed as a background antagonist in the stories “The Winston Manor Mortuary” and “Wary Perceptions”. However, in “The Spidress’ Order ”, he acts as a main character.  The Master is also known as “The Darkness”, “The Dark Sickness”, or “The Dark Wraith”.  His greatest longing is to unleash a nightmare upon the world––after which, the entire Earth descends into an unknown reality beyond any mortal’s comprehension. This event is known as, “The Eternal Night”.


~The Pumpkin Creatures~

They are vile and without remorse; daunting and unhallowed––hungry and restless. The Pumpkin Creatures are the demented creations of The Master. Always searching for their next meal, these repugnant fiends are relentless hunters. They can only be conjured on evenings during the Autumn. First appearing in “The Rural Hauntings” as the grisly beings summoned by The Master, one can observe them as extremely aggressive. Once they begin tracking their prey, it is utterly impossible to evade these hobgoblins. This was proven in the end of the story, “The Spookinite House”. It is indeed a mystery as to how their spirits are given to them, but some believe that the souls of all who perish on the melancholic grounds of Spookinite Valley are harvested, so that they may thus be reincarnated into ravening beings.



Misfortune and impending doom is certainly what follows the tail of this insidious black cat. One who comes into contact with this shadowy feline is forever fated a lonely demise. Tobias holds many secrets deep within his soul. Living as an omen, he holds within an incurable illness, giving his spiritual disease to all who cross his path. While Tobias may appear innocent, he is equally as wretched as all of the other characters of Spookinite Valley and has his own intentions.  The infectious morbidity that Tobias carries is known as, “The Reaper’s Sickness”––thus meaning a tragic death shall be delivered to those infected by him.  Tobias made a brief appearance in the stories, “The Spookinite House” and “The Spidress’ Order ”.


~The Spidress~

The Spidress is a sentient being, once the queen of a long-forgotten civilization inhabited by a race of spider beings.  However, after the apocalyptic downfall of her obscure empire long ago, she is now nothing more than a monstrous arachnid.  Dwelling within the numerous caverns of Spookinite Valley, one cannot predict when this abomination will attack.  She made her first appearance in “The Rural Hauntings” as a destructive creature scavenging for her next meal.  She is also the main character in the story entitled, “The Spidress’ Order”.  In addition, The Spidress was also featured in a short-story entitled, “Spider of the Foothills”. The tale was narrated by a traveler who narrowly escaped The Spidress’ unpitying wrath. The Spidress will cocoon her victims in a thick webbing before draining their blood, while they struggle in a vulnerable state of mummification.


~The Vampyre Beast~

A ghoul of winged fury, the Vampyre Beast spends most of his time unearthing corpses and messily feasting upon them. First appearing in “The Spookinite House”, one will see how petrifying this creature truly is. The Vampyre Beast is also featured in a short-story entitled, “The Ghoul of Maple Hill”, a tale of an investigator who discovers the forbidden truth of what goes on in the cemetery late at night. With his broad, towering, skeletal structure, this perturbing beast will not hesitate before dining upon a mortal who dares cross his path. The Vampyre Beast dwells within the scattered cemeteries of Spookinite Valley, always searching for graves to violently desecrate.



Always carrying about with him a morbid sense of humor, Morley’s darkest longing is to ruthlessly frighten and anguish anyone he encounters. However, he conversely enjoys amusing those whom he considers to be concurring individuals. Unlike Mansfield, Chester, and The Coffin Keeper, Morley is a jester to The Master. Irregularly in October, Morley will choose and travel to a small, rural town, of which he joyfully inflicts fear and madness upon. Morley will display his puppeteer wagon in the outer regions of the towns, thereafter luring those whose curiosities are susceptible to his bemusing wonders.  When his season has concluded, he will travel back into the shadows of Spookinite Valley, where he preferably resides. This can be observed in his story entitled, “Morley”.


~The Spider Race~

Eons ago, they once occupied the shadowed depths of the sylvan New England forests. Their dominion was hidden betwixt an otherworldly rhythm of the nocturnal realms. By day, they were insignificant, eight-legged creatures. By night, they transmuted into unremitting hunters from the shadows, as well as builders of an advanced—yet callous—civilization. Their enigmatic monoliths now stand in ruin, scarcely seen by all. The Spider Race was indeed great—for they were intelligent, strengthening, and without mercy. The weak were not allowed to live amongst their invisible empire—only the enduring subsisted. It was simply of their cold nature—their arachnid temperaments never truly ceased over the countless ages of evolution. But how the arcane Spider Race vanished is undeniably an even graver mystery. The archaic traces of their presence will indeed leave one pondering.


Although she does indeed possess typical vampiric abilities, Luminita is more than purely an attractive vampiress; she is in the most literal sense “Sanguivoriphobia”—the fear of vampires.  Luminita preys on those who are especially disturbed and frightened by anything of vampiric nature, using their acute paranoia as a means to feed.  Nevertheless, blood can certainly quench her thirst.  In addition, Luminita is one of the three cursed illustrations on the façade of a “haunted house” themed sideshow attraction that inexplicably appears at different fairs and carnivals.  Despite her alluring appearance, it is best to avoid Luminita at every cost, for her intents are far from benevolent.



A large, grisly creature, Odious is the result of mankind’s own making; he is the fear of monsters that is so often common among children; “Teraphobia”.  Like Morley, his origins are of Spookinite Valley.  He is also one of the three cursed illustrations on the façade of a “haunted house” themed sideshow attraction that mysteriously materializes at fairs and carnivals.  Similar to his sister, Luminita, he also consumes the fear of his victims.  Even so, flesh and bones will conversely satisfy his hunger.



Mournful, haunting, ethereal, and deathly—these words can describe Funereal’s appearance.  Like her two siblings, Odious and Luminita, she is also the incarnation of a specific type of fear; “Nyctophobia”—the fear of darkness and the night.  Funereal is the third grim painting on the front of the aforesaid haunted house attraction.  Her nourishment comes from those who are easily horrified and distraught by being surrounded by pitch-blackness.  One can tell that Funereal is nearby when an unearthly scream pierces the stillness.

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